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10 Weird Whitetails Join The Freak Deer Collection

Because of QDMA's reputation for knowledge and credibility, we often receive photos of weird deer, unexplained deer behavior and other phenomena. Here are some recent additions to the menagerie and a few older photos from the vault that we’ve never shared before.



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Wired to Hunt Podcast:
Solving the Hunter Recruitment Crisis

QDMA's Hunting Heritage Programs Manager Hank Forester and Georgia R3 coordinator Charles Evans talk with podcast host Mark Kenyon, of Wired to Hunt, about hunter recruitment and QDMA's Field to Fork program.





Georgia WRD Agency of the Year.jpg

Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division
Named QDMA’s 2019 Agency of the Year

QDMA is pleased to recognize the Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division as its 2019 Agency of the Year. The award is the result of the agency's successful deer management program, its efforts to engage and involve Georgia hunters in the planning and management process, as well as their commitment to the R3 (Recruit, Retain, Reactivate) hunter recruitment movement. To read the full press release on this award, click on the link below.



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Friends of QDMA


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Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries Schuettes Oak

Introducing, Mossy Oak Nativ Nurseries Schuettes Oak (Quercus x schuetteii). The Schuettes oak is a hybrid cross between two well rounded oaks in the white oak group - swamp white oak (Q. bicolor) and bur oak (Q. macrocarpa). Both species are known for their cold hardiness, tasty acorns, and the ability to tolerate and thrive on both bottomland and upland sites. This hybrid will thrive even up in zone 3, the coldest hardiness zone in the lower 48, but also performs like a champ in warmer climates. Don’t think twice about whether or not you need Schuettes oak (rhymes with foots) or not…it’s a real winner everyone needs to incorporate on their property, especially our more northern customers. nativnurseries.com

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Age This!

What a gorgeous Indiana buck, and what a perfect pose for aging! We agree with the majority of last week’s respondents who voted for 3½ years. The one thing that’s a little off here is the buck’s hind end: It’s a little high, and it’s clearly equal to or maybe larger than the front end. A typical 3½-year-old often has a “front-heavy” look, but this buck is more rectangular. However, the tucked waistline visible in the nighttime photo and the clear dividing line between neck and chest (the neck joins at a point clearly above the brisket) stop us from placing this buck at 4½.

04-18-19 Age This Results.jpg


Here's a New Age This! Buck

Ted Wawrzyniak MN 12.08.jpg

Ted Wawrzyniak, QDMA Minnesota State Chapter President, got this photo of a Minnesota buck on December 8. The rut peaks there around November 10.

Note: the shoulder wound is not a bullet or arrow wound, as far as Ted knows. It appears to be a fighting wound or from an object like a fence, based on the horizontal stripe down the buck’s side.

What's your age estimate for this buck? To see all three photos and cast your vote, click on the link below. 


We'll publish the results in our next QDMA e-newsletter, along with a new buck for you to age. 

If you need to brush up on buck age characteristics before you make your estimate, read this article

To submit photos for Age This!, here's how.


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